Introduction of our Products

  • Cable Rack
  • Assembly Rack
  • Safety Lighting Equipment



We must harmonize with our customers to be a significant one,
and step ahead for the future together.

We intend to think of our business from customers point of view, then become the company
which share joys and excitements. We always try to brush up ourselves to meet customers’
expectations. We move forward anytime to reach a next step without satisfaction at present.
We make an every-time effort to be a reliable business parter for our customers
We are “ MORI DENKI”


Message from Top

Since our establishment, we have been manufacturing cable racks and providing our customers consistently. As the result of our performance record, we are now gaining solid trust from them. On the other hand, we come to think of what we need, what to do in order to move forward in these days. We would like to grow with our customers who rejoice so much and share the prosperity together. We try to meet their expectations with our improving technics We are going to step ahead further to put “MORI DENKI as one and only supplier for the customers.

Best regards,
Mitsuhiro Usui
President of MORI DENKI

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